Valve/Damper Health Assessment


..decision support tool for Enhancing Asset Life


* Can pre-define, customize and configure the DATA extraction for selected set of crucial Valves/Dampers/Actuators or other FCEs.

* Simultaneous and spontaneous monitoring and assessment of FCE network. 

* Highlights operational Key Performance Indicators like severity of valve movements, extent of shocks due to reversals, stiction/jump, saturation and other hardware related issues.

* Uniquely displays health indicator for each FCE with colour coding for visual inspection.

* Can set and automatically schedule analysis and results for different user and responsibility levels. 

* Can track attention given and progress of pre-/post health status.

* Auto generate reports and alarm SMSs.

? Want to Understand more – call us for ONE day training on “Assessment and optimization of Control Elements
? Want to Assess plant status – contact us for OPTIMakx-SERVICE (Two plant wide Audits/Year + 1 day Training).  Process experts using the tool will provide Health check-up of important valves/dampers and other actuators in the plant, diagnosis for major issues and suggestions for improvement. 
? Want to Update often – get the benefits of continuously improving tool/ algorithms, world-wide FCE monitoring experience and bench-marking with best in your process/industry. Access multi-user / unlimited analysis option with OPTIMakx -CLOUD on internet.
? Want to Use regularly – install & assess plant health on timely basis, configure to your needs, customize to your plant and run on your PC/intranet on demand/ as scheduled and get the snap shot of actuators/valves and manage them systematically with OPTIMakx –PRODUCT. Unique and new decision support tool.

Give us chance to bring this predictive TOOL to your plant.