α ISSUES you face as Process Plant Chief/HoD/Manager/Engineer

Inconsistent input Material Quality, Increasing number of Product Specifications, Handling multiple Energy and raw Material resources, Depleting Equipment Efficiencies, Wear and Tear of machines,  Balancing mixed human resource skill sets, Overcoming more unscheduled Start-Stop-Start cycles, Meeting unpredictable market demand/needs, Achieving increasing production/efficiency targets,  handling stricter environmental NORMS, unstable plant conditions ..

>>> All these leading to higher SYSTEM DYNAMICS and PERFORMANCE FLUCTUATIONS…


β PLANT Efficiency & Productivity is Limited BY

varying external Disturbances, Forced MANUAL mode operation, ‘FAIL & FIX’ maintenance, sub-optimally tuned AUTO systems, sticky valves/damper/actuators, unstable feeding systems, out of calibration instruments, process noise, blocked/choked TRANSPORT systems, multivariate non-linear processes, ALARM over burden, lack of pattern recognition tools giving plant wide views 



Many of these are CONTROLLABLE…

“Challenge always is”

…WHEN to   and   HOW to  mitigate ALL THESE and MAXIMIZE the PLANT PERFORMANCE….

AKXA brings unique concepts, techniques and tools to Systematically understand side effects of these issues and help you Scientifically Assess, Diagnose and Resolve them to the best possible extent.

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