Plant Wide Oscillations Monitoring


..algorithm based systematic assessment / diagnosis of process oscillations across plant.

technical features

* Offline Data Read : Automatically reads recent trends for pre-defined set of crucial process variables from plant DCS (Historian) for required date/time period – on demand or as scheduled task.

* Data Health Index : detects and highlights bad, missing, outlier data. Generates single Data Health Index to show confidence for further usage.

* Oscillations Assessment : advanced variance analysis on process variables, checks for noise (random uncontrollable disturbances), analysis for variable frequencies, correlates oscillations and detects lead-lags for cascading effect. several KPIs including Non-Linearity Index, CoV, % deviation, FrequencyIndex -etc – graphical summary of overall NL Index for section/equipment wise groups of process variables /section /department /plant performance

* Oscillations Diagnosis : Advanced analytics like classification of reasons based on NL Index,  diagnosis for controller tuning issues, control valve / damper abnormalities, support equipment saturation issues, external disturbances and more… – based on scientifically proven algorithms

* Powerful Visualization : Innovative and User friendly graphical display of results which can be summarized and customized based on relevance at different levels (Chief/Manager/HoD/Engineer/Supervisor..) and different groups (plant, unit, section, equipment…). 

tool features 

* Installable on stand alone PC or accessible on plant intranet or can be configured on cloud (for remote assessment)

* Double authenticated secured communication with automation server.

* Compatible with different DCS setups from variety of automation OEMs and OPC compliant automation systems.

* Does not access real time plant DCS and does not disturb plant operation

* Data for Configurable set of Process variables can be extracted in any usable format for Designated period of time.

* Data collection can be setup as automatic scheduled task and data processing and reporting is run automatically after that.

* Customized configuration settings using same variable TAG names as used in plant DCS.

* AUTO reporting, email and SMS facility for highlighting issues.

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